It’s Complex To Build Space Station On Moon, Here is Why

The Space Station on moon can be a turning point for entire planet, to get more closer to the compatibility and scientific advancements.

If there is a space station on moon, it can atypically assist the future space missions with an amazing stopping point between the earth and the reaching point of the solar system, or the milky way galaxy.

Space station on moon
Credit- ESA

Also, Many moon landings were taken place in the past between the year 1969 and 1972, which were mainly the part of the past space missions called the Apollo Missions.

Complexity With Building of New Space Stations

As it is not planned to send the astronauts to the moon too often, it is bit uncertain to build a new space station on moon. In the past, astronauts were launched into the moon six times between the year 1969 and 1972, under the incredible apollo mission.

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To significantly launch the astronauts on moon, an intense and extremely powerful rocket is being required. Previously, the human missions were carried on via Saturn V Rocket, which is not currently available for usage.

Consequently, we don’t have such powerful and efficacious rocket which can kick in the operation so far.

What’s Next?

It is a desperate moment currently, to not have such rocket, but, we have to be hang in there!

Our Scientists are looking forward to build the stronger rockets for such breakthrough milestone. The renowned Space Exploration Company, Space X has asserted that, they’re all set to commence the creation of Bigger Rockets, which are literally capable of bringing the astronauts to the moon.

Also, NASA has stated that: they’re planning to embark a missions to take astronauts to the moon.

How Space Station Can Be Build on Moon?

There is a great difference existing between a trip of moon and to build a space station on moon, it is not as simple as it appears.

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Now, the question arises, how can it be possible to build space station on moon, which is too obvious to arise.

It is extremely difficult to create a space station over the moon. Besides, there is definitely a way to endorse this.

One solution for this sophisticated worry is, to build it in different pieces on earth, then bring it to the moon and congregate there, strategically. This is one of the finest way for building the Space Station On Moon; pieces to bring there on the moon, and then astronauts would unpuzzle it in the correct way.

What Material Use to Form the Space Station?

There is a great difference between an already made space station, which is only 250 miles (400km) from the Earth surface, on the other hand, the moon is 2,30,000 miles (3, 84,000 km) from the Earth.

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For Instance, it will be more likely take 3-4 days to reach the sun. Along with this, a good amount of fuel is the prime requisite to makes this happen.

From the scientists’ deep research, it has found that lunar concrete would be more convenient to make the Space Station. As we don’t have sand, water and cement there on the moon, but, we will surely have lunar dust and sand available there. And, these can be melted and simply mixed together.

Once this mixture get cooled down, a solid material would be obtained, which is 10x times more stronger than several materials often used on the Earth.

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